SMART Board 800 Series, Rev2 Camera Replacement

800 Series Rev2 Camera Replacement:

Tools needed: #2 Phillips Screwdriver

You can download an illustrated guide here:

1) Disconnect the board.
-Disconnect the power cable from the wall outlet.  
-Disconnect the USB cable from the computer.

2) Remove the pen tray.  
-Disconnect all cables from the back and bottom of the pen tray. Mark the cables with masking tape so they may be easily reconnected to the correct ports later.  
-Locate the two tabs on the bottom of the pen tray. Pull down on both tabs to bend them slightly and pull the pen tray away from the wall.

3) Remove the board from the wall. This step requires two people.   
-Remove the screw that secures each of the pen tray brackets to the wall (if present).  
-You will be placing the board on a clean, flat surface. Do not place the weight of the board on the pen tray brackets or the corners. Support the board from the bottom, not the corners, and lift it up and away from the wall.

4) Remove the camera you are replacing.  
-Wear the included wrist strap as instructed.  
-Remove the three screws from the camera cover and remove the cover.  
-Remove both screws from the camera cable   -Disconnect the cable from the camera.  
-Using the tool included with the replacement camera, remove both screws and pull the camera out.

5) Install the replacement camera.  
-Insert the camera into the board the same way the original was installed.  
-Install the two screws to secure the camera to the board. Do not overtighten.  
-Connect the cable to the camera.   -Reinstall the two screws to secure the cable.  
-Replace the camera cover and install the three screws. Do not overtighten.

6) Mount the board on the wall. This step requires two people.  
-Lift the board onto the mounting bracket. Slide the board left or right if needed.  
-Secure the pen tray brackets with the screws that were removed (if present).  
-Connect the cables to the pen tray.  
-Slide the pen tray onto its brackets and toward the wall. It will click into place when the tabs on the bottom lock.

7) Reconnect the power cable to the wall and the USB cable to the computer.

8) Power up the projector and computer.

9) Calibrate the cameras.   
-Press the "?" button on the pen tray.             
-Select: Technical Support > Tools > Diagnostics   
-From the Diagnostics window: Click the Calibrate button. Do not click the Calibrate + Enum button.   
-Use a pen from the pen tray on the board to touch each target. Be sure that your hand and clothing are away from the board surface so they will not interfere.   
-Follow the on-screen instructions. If the target will not turn green after ten seconds, press the Esc key on your keyboard to cancel the calibration.   
-Once calibration is complete, you will be asked to orient the board. Follow the on-screen instructions.

10) Test the board.

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