SMART Board 800 Series, USB Port Hierarchy with ECP and UX60-1

800 USB Port Hierarchy ECP UX60-1

- UX60 projectors with serial numbers less than B012DExxxxx do not allow changing USB Mapping. USB1 is assigned to VGA1, USB2 is assigned to VGA2.
- If VGA1 is selected, the system will look for USB1. If it does not find anything on USB1, it will look for an accessory such as CAT5 module or WC8. It will NOT look for USB2.

- If VGA2 is selected, it will look for USB2. If USB2 is empty, it will look for CAT5 or WC8. It will not look for USB1.

- If HDMI is selected, the system will look for CAT5 or WC8

- USB B port on the bottom of the pen tray is already being used to connect to the ECP

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