Windows 7, Designating Correct Interactive Touch Display with Multiple Connected

Designating Correct Display Multiple Displays Windows 7

If you have multiple touch-enabled displays or interactive display frames connected to
a single computer running the Windows 7 operating system, Windows may not assign
touch to the correct display. The calibration or orientation of the interactive product
proceeds as expected, but your touch on one display registers on another.

1. Complete the orientation process on each display (using the space bar to jump to the different displays)
2. Select Start > Control Panel
3. Beside Configure your pen and touch displays, select Setup
4. Click Touch Input when asked what type of screen you want to identify.
5. Follow the on-screen instructions. You'll be asked to touch the interactive displays one at a time. You may have to touch a display twice before you're asked to press ENTER to move to the next step.
6. Press ESC to end the process after touching the last display.
7. Verify that touch recognition is working correctly by checking to see that the cursor appears on the same display you're touching.

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