SMART Board 800 Series, controller replacement process

SMART Board 800 Series, controller replacement process

The controller in an 800 Series SMART Board is housed within the pen tray so that is what needs to be replaced.

1) Remove all loose items from the pen tray.
2) Bend both locking tabs on the bottom of the pen tray slightly downward and pull the tray slightly away from the wall to access the back of the tray.
3) Disconnect the cables from the back of the pen tray. *Note where they are connected for reassembly later.
4) Remove the pen tray by sliding it straight away from the wall.
5) Remove the ECP and/or CAT5 extender module from the pen tray if present. Install them on the new pen tray.
6) Partially slide the pen tray onto the metal brackets below the board. Connect the cables to the pen tray.
7) Make sure the cables are out of the way before pushing the pen tray toward the wall until the tabs click onto the brackets.
8) Place the pens and eraser back into their respective slots. Calibrate and orient the board.

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