SMART Board SB600 Series, digital ink or orientation not holding or drifting

Troubleshooting steps for an orientation drift issue on a 600 Series SMART Board.

1) Reset the controller.
-There is a small, blue button on the controller on the right side of the board near the bottom. Use a pointed tool such as a pen. Press the button for about one second and release. Orient the board and test. If the board will not respond during orientation, press the Escape key on the computer to cancel orientation.

2) Update the firmware.
-The computer must be connected directly to the controller using a USB cable less than 16 feet long.
-Press the "?" button on the pen tray. -Select: Technical Support > Tools > Diagnostics
-Click "View" and select "600 Series Setup."
-Click the "Flash" Button. This will open the firmware update wizard.
-Select the SCx checkbox. If you cannot select the check box; press CTRL+Shift+F, then select it.
-Click next and follow the instructions. Orient and test the board.

3) Swap the controller with one from another board that is working correctly.
-Take off the pen tray; disconnect the cable on the bottom, pull the two small finger tabs down towards the floor and the tray will slide towards you.
-Remove the two mounting screws in brackets the pen tray sat on.
-This will allow you to pull the bottom of the board 6-8 inches off the wall accessing the controller.
-Disconnect the pen tray cable from the controller, the USB cord plugged into the USB-B adapter and the wire-harness on the bottom of the controller.
-Remove the screw on the top left corner of controller. The controller slides up vertically and is removed.
-Install the controller by following the above steps in reverse.

4) Send the log information from the board.
-Press the "?" button on the pen tray
-Select: Technical Support > Tools > Diagnostics
-In the Diagnostics window, click File and select Save As. Save it to a location where it will be convenient to find such as the desktop.
-Also in the Diagnostics window; click Report, then Local, and then Save As. Save it to a location where it will be convenient to find such as the desktop.
-Submit both files in a support ticket

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