SMART SBM600 Series, camera testing, NWZ file and Limited Functionality error

SMART SBM600 Series, camera testing and Limited Functionality error

1) Clean the reflective strips.

Using a clean, dry cloth; wipe down the reflective strips around the edge of the board. Be sure to wipe down the cameras in the corners as well. Do not use any cleaning chemicals or water. Be sure that no objects are attached to the front bezel of the board.


2) Gather diagnostic information and calibrate the cameras.

a. Open the SMART Settings window.

-Start > All Programs > SMART Technologies > SMART Tools > SMART Settings

b. Open the Diagnostics window.

-From the SMART Settings window: About Software and Product Support > Tools > Diagnostics

 c. Save the log file.

-From the Diagnostics window: File > Save As

-Save the file to a location where you can easily find it such as the desktop.

d. Save camera view.

-From the Diagnostics window: View > Board Toolbar (may be called something else depending on your software version)

-Click the Troubleshooting button. This will open a new window.

-Select the only device on the list and then click Next.

-Click the Save NWZ button. Save the file to a location where you can easily find it such as the desktop.

-Close the Troubleshooting window.

e. Calibrate the cameras.

-From the Diagnostics window: Click the Calibrate button.

-Use a pen from the pen tray to trace the track as shown. Be sure that your hand and clothing are away from the board surface so they will not interfere.

-It is important that you continue to trace the track around the board regardless of what you see being drawn. The pen must remain inside the track at all times even if the ink that appears is outside of the track or if the ink does not appear at all. If calibration cannot be completed, press the Esc key to cancel then email the log and nwz files to me.

-Once calibration is complete, you will be asked to orient the board. Follow the on-screen instructions.

3) Test the board.

-If the issue is not resolved, please submit a support ticket with the log file and nwz file from the previous step.

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