Revo Labs Solo Executive pairing mic base station

Revo Labs Solo Executive pairing mic base station

To pair the mic to the Base Station:

1. Turn the mic OFF (no LED activity). If the mic is ON, press and hold the Mute button for 10 seconds until the LED turns solid RED (do not release when you hear two beeps). Release the button to turn the unit off.

2. Place the mic unit into pairing mode by holding the Mute button down for seven (7) seconds. The LED will turn solid RED. Release the Mute button. The mic is now in pairing mode. 

3. Within one minute, push and hold the button for the desired channel on the Base Station for seven (7) seconds to enter into pairing mode then release. The LED for that channel will be solid red until pairing starts, as indicated by a quick GREEN flash, then switching to flashing RED on both the mic and the Base Station (muted audio). Pairing is now complete

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