Some SMART Interactive Flat Panels (IFPs) and projectors have a function called USB Mapping within their menu systems. USB Mapping is an internal setting that assigns a specific USB (data) port to be associated with a corresponding video input (VGA or HDMI). SMART Board/projectors and IFPs commonly have multiple USB inputs and video inputs and if this setting is changed the system no longer operates correctly.
*remember that the SMART system has both a USB data connection for touch recognition as well as the video connection to see your computer image*

Example: In the USB Mapping section of the menu, USB 1 is assigned to HDMI input 2.
This means that the computers data connection, to allow the touch recognition, is connected to USB 1. The video connection for the same computer is connected to HDMI input 2 for the video image of the computer.

In the above example, if you have your computers data connected to USB 1 and the video to HDMI 1 you will have a solid green status indicator light on your SMART board or IFP, indicating you have touch recognition, but you will not see your computer image. 

Conversely, if you have your computers data connected to USB 2 and the video connected to HDMI 2 you will be able to see your computer image on the SMART board or IFP but your status indicator will be solid red and you will not have touch interaction with the system.

If either of the above are your symptom check the cable connections for data and video from your computer to the SMART system and then confirm the USB Mapping settings are set appropriately.

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