SMART Projector is powering itself down (over heating, lamp/bulb failure/replacement or ballast failure)

SMART Projector is powering itself down

- The lamp has failed and needs to be replaced
- Projector is over heating
- The ballast failed (internal service part)

This symptom can be caused by a few different things and methodical troubleshooting is important to isolate the correct fault point. Please go through the below steps in order for an accurate diagnosis and solution.

1. Disconnect power from the projector and reconnect it. Then try the projector again. If it works normally for a little while (2-20 minutes) but powers down again then your projector is likely over heating and needs to be cleaned. Follow these steps to clean your SMART projector. If the projector does not turn on and project an image proceed to step 2.

2. Test a known working lamp from another of the same model of projector. Your user guide will provide detailed instructions on how to replace your SMART lamp if you are not familiar with the process. You can access your SMART User guide here SMART Product Index

3. If the known working lamp and cleaning does not resolve the problem please retrieve the serial number of the projector and submit a service ticket request. The projector will need to have it's warranty verified and it will either need to be repaired or replaced. Locating Serial number of your SMART projector

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