LightRaise 40wi, 60wi and 60wi2, Finger Touch Issues

LightRaise finger touch not working:

NOTE: Finger touch is disabled until the alignment process is completed for the first time

- Ensure that the current video input corresponds with the Touch setting in the OSD (On Screen Display) menu and that the TDM (Touch Detection Module) is connected and has a solid green or flashing green status light

- Use the connection wizard to ensure the pen only setting isn't selected. This setting is selected by default until the alignment process is complete during installation

- Ensure that no objects protrude into the "keep out area" between the bottom of the projector mount and the projected image. Objects in this area should be moved or removed before you use your projector as they can cause parts of the projected image to lose finger touch function

Examples of common obstructions to watch out for include:
- Cables or wires that hang into the projected image
- Screws or nails protruding from the wall or dry erase board
- Wall protrusions or uneven wall surfaces
- Bezels thicker than 3mm above the board surface
- Map rails on the wall or the dry-erase board

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