SMART Board SBM600, 800 series and 8070/8055, Limited Functionality error / message

SMART Board SBM600, 800 series and 8070/8055, Limited Functionality Troubleshooting:

1) Clean the reflective strips.

Using a clean, dry cloth; wipe down the reflective strips around the edge of
the board. Be sure to wipe down the cameras in the corners as well. Do
not use any cleaning chemicals or water.

2) Calibrate the cameras.

a. Open the SMART Settings window.
-Start > All Programs > SMART Technologies > SMART Tools > SMART Settings

b. Open the Diagnostics window.
-From the SMART Settings window: About Software and Product Support > Tools > Diagnostics

c. In the View drop down menu select the only select-able item (SBX800i/BAR or something similar).

d. Calibrate the cameras.
-From the Diagnostics window: Click the Calibrate + Enum button.
-Use a pen from the pen tray on the board to touch each target. Be sure that
your hand and clothing are away from the board surface so they will not
-Follow the on-screen instructions. If the target will
not turn green after ten seconds, press the Esc key on your keyboard to
cancel the calibration. If calibration cannot be completed, stop and proceed to Step 3 to reset the controller.
-Once calibration is complete, you will be asked to orient the board. Follow the on-screen instructions and retest the board.

3) Pen tray/controller reset

Underneath the pen tray is a recessed button inside a deep socket. You can locate this socket by finding the half circle with an arrow on it. Using a paperclip press the button for two seconds and wait for the pen tray lights to cycle. The reset is then complete. Process back to Step 2, Calibrating the Cameras.

4) Firmware Flash

-If the issue persists proceed with a firmware flash: With a direct connection to the SMART board (not a bluetooth connection) access the Diagnostic screen by following a. b. and c. from Step 2.

-Click on Flash and follow the instructions in the Firmware Wizard. Select the check boxes and if any say "your firmware is already up to date" press the Control+Shift+F key together than that will allow you to click Next.
- Click next and finished the firmware update on each select-able item with a check box.


5) Submit Service request ticket if not resolved:
-If the issue is not resolved, please submit a service request with the diagnostic log, report file and camera views.

800 Series Camera Views

Diagnostic Log and Report File

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