SMART Board SB600 Series, controller replacement process

To replace the controller on a SB600 Series SMART Board:

1) Remove the pens and eraser from the tray.
2) Disconnect the cable from the bottom of the tray on the right side.
3) Locate the two tabs on the bottom of the tray. Bend both of the tabs slightly downward at the same time and pull the tray away from the wall.
4) Remove the two mounting screws in the brackets at the bottom of the board. This will allow you to pull the bottom of the board 6-8 inches off the wall, accessing the controller.
5) Disconnect the pen tray cable from the controller, the USB cord plugged into the USB-B adapter and the wire-harness on the bottom of the controller.
6) Remove the screw on the top left corner of controller. The controller slides up vertically and is removed.
7) Install the controller by following the above steps in reverse.

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