Da-Lite Idea Screen - Cleaning

Da-Lite Idea Screen - Cleaning

Everyday Cleaning: The supplied foam eraser can be used to clean marks on the screen surface made by everyday dry erase marker usage. Do not use spray cleaner in combination with the foam eraser.


Thorough Cleaning: For periodic full screen cleaning or to clean persistent marks from dry erase markers, use the supplied Da-Lite spray cleaner and cleaning cloth. Use clean or dry sections of the microfiber cloth when erasing the screen. This is important to prevent smearing on the screen while cleaning. To clean permanent markers and other unintentional marks on the surface, use the supplied foam eraser or the Da-Lite spray cleaner and cleaning cloth.


DaLite cleaner:

Whiteboard Cleaner - 4oz bottle

Part #: 29010



Carton of Whiteboard Cleaner - 4oz bottles,

12 bottles per carton

Part #: 29011


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