Chromebook support options

All Chromebook manufacturers attach a one year warranty with their products; this does NOT include accidental damage such as broken screens. If you have an issue with your device in its first year, contact the manufacturer directly, and they’ll help you out.

Once your device falls out of the one-year manufacturer’s warranty, it is no longer covered unless you purchased an additional warranty. Tierney has partnered with Computer Warranty Services (CWS) to offer this additional coverage. Some plans simply extend the manufacturer warranty for an additional 1-4 years, and other plans do this plus add Accidental Damage Coverage.  

Starting day one of ownership, you can contact CWS directly for any accidental damage repair needs. Starting year two, contact CWS with any other warranty requests; CWS has taken over the manufacturer repair role.

Here are support numbers for our most popular Chromebook manufacturers:

Dell: 800-456-3355
Say, “Technical service,” then, “Chromebook.” You must have the Express Service Code available; this is an 11-digit number found on the back of the unit.

Acer: 800-816-2237
Say, “Chromebook,” and have the serial number available.

HP: 800-474-6836
Say, “Get tech support.” You will be asked to visit the website; stay on the line and wait for your next option, which is to say, “It’s something else.” Then say, “Chromebook,” and have the serial number available.

Samsung: 855-875-5746
This is a direct line to live agent; have your serial number available.

Lenovo: 877-453-6686
Press 4 for Technical Support on Idea Brand, then Press 2 for Technical Support and have the serial number available. A better option may be to go to This website will allow you to enter your information and request an immediate call back or schedule a call for the future.

ASUS: 888-678-3688
This is the System Product Support line. You may also visit the following link:; this is an online RMA submission.

In the event you need to contact CWS to use your extended warranty option, they can be contacted at 877-860-1059 or Please have your serial number and warranty plan reference number handy.

If you have any questions, the Tierney Edge support team is available for you. Call 800-933-7337, option 2, or email

Thank you for your business!

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