Revo Labs Executive HD firmware update

Executive HD Firmware Update

1. Download our HD Firmware: Revo Labs Executive HD Firmware file
(Do Not unzip the File!!)

2. Download HD Software Control Panel (Don’t Install Yet): Revo Labs HD Executive Control Panel Software

3. Place microphone charging base (with all mics on base) in proximity to laptop and plug in USB cable (it still must be plugged into an electrical socket as well). Let Windows Detect It.

4. Install the Revolabs HD Software you downloaded in Step 3. This should properly install the Windows driver for the HD charger.

5. Power Up your HD Executive Receiver if you have not done so already.

6. Direct connect a CAT5 Straight through cable from your PC’s Ethernet port to the LAN port on the back of your HD Executive Receiver.

7. Using the LCD Screen and Buttons on the front of your Executive HD, hit the house button, then scroll down to DHCP. Press Enter to Turn DHCP off. Reboot the Executive HD.

8. Once connected your Revolabs HD Box should pull a Windows based IP address.

9. Set the current IP in your laptop as static one Octet away from the Executive HD. For instance if the HD Box is: set your Laptop to

10. Open the HD Control Panel Software

11. Select System> Scan the Network

12. Select the HD Box and click Okay

13. Go to Firmware>update firmware - Make sure both HD box and Microphones checkboxes are checked

14. Use the Choose button to locate and select the firmware file you previously downloaded
15. Firmware should begin updating for Receiver and Microphones

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