Troubleshooting when there's no audio

Troubleshooting when there's no audio in your system.


If you have any of these symptoms the, below are the first steps in troubleshooting your audio trouble: buzz, hissing, static, airy sound, volume can't be turned up loud enough.


*There are several places that your audio system can be turned down or muted. These can include any or all of these, the  computer, media player in computer (youtube player for example), projector, wall control, amplifier or control system touchscreen.


1. Turn your main volume down to 0. (Main volume is the where you usually adjust volume for your system)


2. Ensure that the speakers and audio system’s cables are properly, and fully, connected.


3. Ensure that none of the audio devices are muted. (Youtube or media player in your PC, PC itself, projector etc.)


4. Check the volume positions on all components that have volume controls, set them to about 90%.


5. Once you have gone over all of the above, using your main (preferred) volume control, turn that up and audio should sound normal. If the trouble is not resolved, reach out to Tierney Brothers for support at, or by phone at 800-933-7337, option #2 for Technical Service.

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