Clevertouch - LUX 7.1 Firmware Release

What is it?

LUX 7.1 (android version) is our major update release from Clevertouch for our Plus Series touchscreens. Here is how to find out what version of the Android Operating Software your CleverTouch screen is running

1, Click ‘Settings’ and then ‘About device’

2, In ‘About device’ you’ll find your Android operating version (6.0.1)

What NEW features will your screen benefit from after the update?

  • Clever Message – turn your Clevertouch into a dynamic messaging service for your organisation. Clever Message allows you to run organisation messaging at set times or when your Clevertouch is not in use. Send instant or timed messages to one, all or selected groups of screens no matter the location.
  • Personalised Account Profiles – protect your settings and open your settings on any Clevertouch by simply touching in with your personalised card. Keep your settings regardless of who uses your screen or whatever you use.
  • Clevershare 2 - Advanced mirroring with up to four devices connected to the screen and sharing content simultaneously and now with other devices connected mirroring the screen.
  • Split screen for apps – run apps side by side in split screen mode and get the most from your lessons.


How will this update effect my screen?

When you turn on your screen, a message will notify you of an update. Click on ‘Confirm’ and then you’ll see            another on screen message saying:

‘Warning: this update will clear all data, apps and settings’ Please backup any user created content to an external USB drive and if you’re unsure, please press cancel and speak to your IT support’.


If you’re happy to still proceed, click ‘Confirm’

**Your screen will be reformatted. This is because the Android OS is updating itself to the next major release**

At this stage, all data, downloaded apps, settings including Wi-Fi and network will be cleared from your Clevertouch devices memory.


Once your screen is updated, if your screen was previously connected to the internet via Wi-Fi, you will need to go back into ‘Settings’ - Wi-Fi, select your Wi-Fi network and enter password.


If your Clevertouch panel is enrolled in the  Clevertouch Mobile Device Management system (MDM – remote management), after the update you will need to take the following steps

1, log onto your account on the MDM portal

2, Select the ‘Devices’ tab located on the left-hand side of your dashboard.

3, Click on filter groups, the box will expand down. Then click to the right of ‘All’ on the three dots (actions tab) and then remote exec.

4, Now click ‘Remote Exec’

5, Select system restore and click on ‘APPLY’ in the far righthand corner.


Now your MDM will be re activated on your Clevertouch panel.


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